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Sometimes our local weekly newspaper lets me knock out a piece for them. My latest, brief profiles of the local women who made a difference in Eugene, Oregon, was a delight to research.

While all of the women I wrote about are inspiring, I’m deeply intrigued by Alice Hall Chapman. She was a physician and wife of the second president of the University of Oregon. I was unable to unearth much about her, but I will continue plugging away. I lost her trail in the 1930s. She would have been in her 60s by then. She was living in a Pasadena, CA, boarding house at that point, according to census records. I feel confident it’s her because how many Alice Hall Chapmans were physicians back then? (And how cool is it that census records noted professions.) Can’t find her in the census records after that, but I’ll be scoping out some of the online family history sites that our public library permits free access to.

I would love any advice from family history sleuths. I’d like to know when and where she died and was buried. I’d like to know if any universities besides the UO preserved her papers. I’d like to find articles published about her in local papers. Etc.