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I had a dream about my dad last night. In the dream he was visiting us and he sat down at the piano and banged out a wonderful something classical, which was very unlike my dad since he was more of a boogie woogie dude at the ivories. As I was listening to him, it dawned on me that my mother would love to see him and I jumped up to get my laptop so I could Zoom her in. And then the dream dissipated and I woke up. My lovely dad, Byron Palmer, passed four years ago. This is the second time I’ve dreamed of him in a dream that involved Zoom. In the first dream, he and I were on Zoom and I was explaining to him that I couldn’t go visit mom in Canada because of the pandemic and he was telling me it was OK and that he understood. In that dream, Zoom had this ability to allow hugs and my dad and I had a lovely hug. We both knew it was a simulated experience of a hug, that it wasn’t real, and we were both impressed that technology had come so far. This picture is me dancing with my dad at my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. That man could dance. And he could sing. But among his most wonderful traits was a full-throated laugh that made everyone around him smile and then start laughing too.