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The Logitech illuminated keyboard. Perfect for those of us who stagger from the bedroom to the coffee pot and then to the office for a bout of early morning writing before we go to our day jobs (where if we are lucky or perhaps cursed, we also write). The keyboard’s backlit, so you can see the letters in the dark. That means you don’t need a boatload of light in the room, which matters more than I can say. Small desk lamp, lit keyboard. It’s perfect. The keyboard is also thin, and I’m getting used to that. But the key action, sweet mother, it’s fine. I’m old enough to have started my typing life on the ancient IBM Selectric, and my fingers have rarely met a computer keyboard that did not offend them in some way. But this little hummer, it’s like tooling around for most of your life in a Honda Civic and then somebody gives you the keys to the Lamborghini. Fingers flyin’.  Christmas gift from my beloved who knows technology. Probably not cheap.