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In a burst of hopeful enthusiasm that befalls me every January, I decided to name the year 2012 as the year of finishing. I thought it would help me get stuff done. But I cleverly didn’t specify what I would be finishing in 2012, and now here I am halfway through February and I have finished nothing in particular.

So I guess if I’m going to finish something, I’d better make a dang list.

Things to finish in 2012:

My third novel (third draft close to done so this is in fact doable)

The mosaic window sills in the house remodel that will never end (four of seven completed so this is also doable)

Two free-lance magazine stories (two legitimate ideas and the research on one completed so this is also doable)

Lose 20 pounds. (This is my perpetual never accomplished goal, probably doable in some alternate universe where I have actual willpower)

OK. There’s my starter list.

Now I just need a schedule. But first, I must nap.